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What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl parties are an enjoyable way to commemorate and enjoy the game together with friends, no matter your fanaticism level or fashion sense. They provide an easy opportunity for style points without overdoing it!

As part of our effort to help you make the most of your Super Bowl party, we’ve come up with some stylish outfit ideas for men that will help them look their best on game day. These looks range from casual dresses and utilitarian pieces that exude laid-back ease – we guarantee it! These looks will have you game ready in no time.


The Super Bowl is not only an exciting spectacle for sports fans, but also provides an opportunity for people who love partying and celebrating to get together and let loose! If you are attending a Super Bowl party this year, make sure you plan what to wear based on where the party will take place.

While most parties involving football involve wearing athletic wear, jeans are an easy and comfortable option that make an impression at Super Bowl parties.

For an effortless athletic look, try wearing skinny jeans made with stretch for maximum comfort. They tuck easily into knee high boots and give an effortless athletic aesthetic.

If you live in a warm climate, adding sneakers can add flair and keep you comfortable during all of the game’s thrilling moments.

Add an element of team pride to your jeans ensemble by pairing a long-sleeve T-shirt in their colors with jeans and sneakers for an effortlessly stylish casual look.

An elegant look for a Super Bowl party may include wearing a tailored shirt that highlights your chest and shoulders, dressed up by adding patterned jeans that match.

Wear your team colors proudly when donning a sporty hoodie that showcases their colors – this look becomes even more adorable when coupled with some cute hoop earrings!

If you don’t follow sports, or simply don’t feel like buying new clothing for an event, celebrity stylist Madison Guest suggests a simple t-shirt and denim jacket can suffice as an ensemble. Simply dress this look up by adding chunky-soled sneakers, while feminine details like statement earrings complete this ensemble.


If you want to look cute for your Super Bowl party, a skirt is an excellent way to do just that! Not only is it comfortable but its versatility means that it can also be dressed up or down depending on the event.

Casual occasions call for something casual yet cute; consider pairing your team’s colors with a pleated, skater or mini skirt and you are guaranteed to look adorable.

An athletic sweater in your team’s colors makes a stylish choice for a Super Bowl outift, especially if the temperature rises and you need something comfortable. Pairing this ensemble with an appropriate hat would complete this look perfectly!

Gisele Bundchen made headlines at a 2015 Super Bowl by opting for an unconventional look: sporting team colors through her Rails plaid button-down and pairing it with trendy skinny jeans and Stuart Weitzman boots to achieve both on-theme and cuteness in her attire.

Melina Kemph of NY-based fashion stylist Melina Kemph highly advises wearing your team’s jersey to an event, if possible. While finding one may not always be easy, doing so will sure bring compliments on your fashion sense and ensure people appreciate what makes you unique!

If you want to look fashionable and not go over the top with your look, a body-con dress is an ideal way to do so without overshadowing yourself. Flattering on all body types, this outfit will keep you comfy while watching the game!

To make an impression at more formal parties, opt for an off-the-shoulder midi dress. It will exude sophistication while remaining comfortable enough for you to enjoy yourself at your meal.

The Super Bowl is an exciting and festive event perfect for celebrating with your friends. Whether watching the game itself, attending half-time shows or simply dressing up and partying like it’s Christmas morning – getting dressed up to celebrate can only add to the enjoyment.

Are You Searching for Fashion Inspiration for a Super Bowl Party? These fashion-minded It girls provide ample motivation. These It-girls prove it is possible to look fashionable while supporting an NFL team – these stylish outfits will surely make you the MVP of the party!


No matter if you’re hosting or attending a Super Bowl party, dressing for any gathering can be challenging. Although traditional team apparel like jerseys and t-shirts feature logos from your team’s favorite player or league logos are available, there are also feminine versions which make you look stylish while not overwhelming the occasion.

Camille Kostek of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model fame is unrivaled when it comes to turning sports jerseys into minidresses – she truly stands out as an expert when it comes to showing NFL pride! Not only does her shirt boast her quarterback husband Rob Gronkowski’s number and shimmery details, it features his number as well.

Melina Kemph from NY stylist suggests wearing a simple black T-shirt with either red or green accents for a more laidback aesthetic. For an additional layer of warmth and team pride, she suggests adding in team colors with your team flannel shirt/sweater.

Trask suggests wearing a graphic tee embellished with rhinestone details or fringe for an eye-catching sportsy look that won’t break the bank. Pair this look with denim jeans or skirt, and for maximum impact add a jacket or vest as well.

Super Bowl Sunday is an annual cultural phenomenon, so fans are expected to wear colors representative of their team of choice during Super Bowl festivities. Philadelphia Eagles fans should wear midnight green, while Kansas City Chiefs fans can don red and black in support of their squad.

Non-NFL fans looking for stylish but casual attire may benefit from wearing a black t-shirt to events that don’t involve football games, like visiting your best friend’s house for lunch. A loose fitting tee with jeans will look casual yet chic at their place of business.

An alternative idea would be to purchase a team-colored tee and pair it with either skirts or pants in that color, as well as chunky shoes if desired.

Gift any man with an affinity for sports the Dallas Cowboys jerseys; these have been the most profitable NFL team of all time and this Dak Prescott jersey will make them feel proud to cheer for America’s Team.


Dress appropriately when attending a Super Bowl party. Casual outfits, like jeans and a t-shirt, with sneakers or flats are typically acceptable; for something fancier, try pairing a sweater with either skirts or pants to create an eye-catching feminine look.

If it’s cold outside, layer up with a sweater and jacket for extra warmth. Selecting colors such as red or green to show support of the team you are cheering for will also keep you toasty while watching the game!

Opting for more casual style, sweaters in neutral tones are perfect. By adding accessories such as scarves or hats you can keep yourself warm while remaining fashionable.

Consider wearing a sweater paired with a jean jacket for an alternative, yet stylish Super Bowl look. Combining these items will create both comfort and trendiness at once!

As an easy way to show team spirit and represent your favorite Philadelphia Eagles or Kansas City Chiefs team, wearing their jersey can be a simple way to do just that.

As well as wearing a jersey, you can also show your team pride at the Super Bowl party by donning t-shirts or hoodies with its logo. These can be worn with jeans or leggings and will let everyone know which team you support!

Though not the most stylish choice for Super Bowl parties, a hoodie can help make you more relaxed and secure if you’re more casual fan of football – and is particularly great if you don’t want to feel too formal or overdressed when showing your support!

Hoodies offer many advantages for everyday life in cold climates; not least being layerable under an overcoat for an attractive finish. Hoodies make an excellent option to combat winter chills!

A special occasion such as Super Bowl 50 can be stressful when planning what to wear, but we have plenty of outfit options that will work perfectly for any Super Bowl party – from sports-inspired dresses and tees to casual looks that work at any bar or house, we have what you need!

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