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Men’s Formal Fashion for Cold Weather: What to Layer Over Your Suit

Are You Attending a Winter Formal Wedding, Holiday Party or Corporate Gala and Worried Your Dress Will Get Cold? There are ways to add warmth without compromising style at your winter formal wedding, holiday party or corporate gala event.

A shawl or wrap can add extra warmth and flair to any formal ensemble, and can even complete your look by being worn over your bolero jacket.

Coat or jacket

When the temperature drops, an extra layer is essential – be it a jacket or coat.

A jacket is typically constructed of heavier fabric than its coat counterpart and longer for extra comfort over formal dresses.

A coat and jacket differ in terms of their typical ending points: A coat typically ends just at or just below waist level while most jackets end around hip level or higher; some coats, such as down-filled puffer coats can even reach all the way down to ankle level.

Coats come in many different styles and materials, from wool and cotton to synthetic polyester designed to resemble wool’s feel and look. Many coats also contain multiple layers of fabric – shell, lining material, and filling material – forming multiple layers within the garment itself.

Closure methods such as buttons, snaps, toggles, zippers or hook-and-loop fasteners (velcro), as well as other features such as hoods, shoulder straps or collars may also be included in these garments.

Dependent upon its style, a coat or jacket may feature an open front that runs down the length of the garment. Some styles like blazers and suit jackets use zipper closures in this area while parkas and down jackets usually utilize button fastenings instead.

The best type of coat to wear when it’s cold depends on both personal preference and weather in your region. For instance, in cold climates it’s essential that you find one that offers maximum insulation; conversely in warmer environments it should be lightweight enough not to lead to overheating.

Cape or poncho

When it comes to colder weather, most people search for outer clothing that will provide some warmth. Luckily, there are various choices available.

Capes or ponchos can be great options for men looking for stylish protection against the cold while adding flare to their wardrobes. Perfect for formal dress occasions as well as simply having lunch with friends, capes and ponchos can add the right touch.

Capes are long pieces of clothing designed to fasten around your neck, drape across your back, arms and chest before hanging from your shoulders like a scarf or shawl would.

However, the primary distinction between a cape and poncho lies in their construction; a cape typically comprises one large sheet of fabric with an opening at its centre for wearing over your head while a poncho features a wraparound design.

Ponchos can serve multiple functions; raincoat, casual clothing or just fashion statement. Made of wool or other materials, they come in an assortment of colors.

If you want a chic way of wearing your cape or poncho, consider pairing it with pants or leggings that create more of a form-fitting silhouette. This will prevent too much volume being generated by a cape while helping balance out your figure.

One stylish way to wear a cape or cape-style poncho is over a mid-length body con dress, perfect for formal events such as wine parties or dinner dates, when accessorized with neutral pumps and a small clutch bag.


Shawls are versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn in numerous ways. You can drape it over your shoulders, tie it around your neck or wrap it around your body – they make for elegant yet stylish accessories to any look!

Shawls have long been an iconic part of women’s fashion. Not only can you find them everywhere from Eastern cultures to Western ones, they are often worn to express love and respect between two individuals.

These pillows can be made out of various materials such as wool and silk. Furthermore, they can be decorated with embroidery designs or other embellishments to further personalize them.

A shawl is an accessory you can add to a formal dress to keep warm and fashionable at an event held outside. Shawls make for great options when attending outdoor gatherings that require layering up!

Shawls can be made out of various fabrics, such as wool and silk. Additionally, they can be personalized by adding embroidery stitches, beads or other accessories.

Add an air of sophistication and stand out from the crowd by pairing a fringed shawl with long skirts or floor-length dresses for an eye-catching look! A fringed shawl will bring texture and make any ensemble stand out!

An alternative way of wearing a shawl is creating an asymmetrical poncho style by draping it over your shoulders and securing its ends together with safety pins, then rotating the pinned fabric so its long sides rest against one shoulder.

A shawl is a flat garment that is designed to drape across the shoulders and fall freely down your torso, in contrast to a scarf which typically covers only your neck area.


If you need something extra warm to wear with your dress for an official event, a blazer is an ideal way to do just that while remaining stylish and appropriate for any given situation.

A blazer is often seen as the middle ground between sport coat and suit jacket. While they make for great additions to any closet, it is essential that when choosing one for an event and occasion.

An elegant navy blue blazer pairs well with formal pants for daytime weddings or events requiring semi-formal attire; alternatively, one featuring regatta stripes looks good when worn more casually over trousers and jeans.

A blazer can add the perfect finishing touch to a cocktail dress, whether sleeveless or with sleeves; however, any details which distract from its style should be avoided so as not to detract from its overall effect. Achieve balance with this approach.

To achieve an elegant and formal appearance when choosing a blazer, it is essential that it is made from high-quality fabrics such as wool or cashmere – such as the ones found here at Blazer Barracks.

Blazers are highly versatile pieces that can be worn with various pants. From colorful chinos and khakis, to pairing perfectly with a crisp button-up shirt.

As with any form of menswear, blazers come in an array of styles and cuts. Some tailoring houses specialize in creating them with more shirt-style sleeveheads while others may choose shoulder gussets similar to suit jackets for their designs.


When temperatures plummet, you want to ensure you remain warm while remaining formal. Wearing a topcoat over your suit can help you do just this.

At an interview or party, wearing a topcoat over your dress can help make you both elegant and comfortable. Atopcoats also help protect from wind gusts, raindrops, and snowfall that often fall during winter season.

Topcoats are lightweight overcoats designed to be worn over suit jackets. Generally shorter and thinner than their long and warmer counterparts, topcoats provide comfort during any climate while adding style.

Many people mistake topcoats and overcoats for one another; however, these two coats serve very distinct functions. You should have at least one topcoat and one overcoat in your wardrobe in order to stay protected in any season.

Topcoats are traditionally single-breasted garments with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Commonly made of wool for optimal warmth in cold climates.

Topcoats are meant to cover suit coats from shoulder to knee, which makes them suitable for most men. You can add flair by purchasing brass, leather or lucite buttons that enhance its appearance.

Consideration should also be given when choosing the color of a topcoat, so select one which complements your suit and the shade it wears. Keep in mind that water-based topcoat paints tend to appear lighter while wet; wait until your water-based topcoat has dried before making any decisions about its final hue.

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