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How Men Can Dress for Golfing: A Guide to Golf Attire

Golf attire must be comfortable, breathable and allow for free swinging. Wearing baggy clothes could restrict movement or cause them to get caught on your clubs, potentially hindering performance.

Polo shirts are often chosen, though skirts or shorts can also be appropriate. When selecting colors, try opting for those that blend in rather than standing out on the course – avoid anything too bright which might stand out!

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are an extremely fashionable yet comfortable choice of golf clothing for men to wear when out on the course, offering many different choices available on the market. Not only are these stylish yet functional options, making polo shirts great for long rounds.

Many polo shirts are constructed from performance fabrics like cotton that offer moisture-wicking capabilities and breathability, such as polos made of synthetic blends that can potentially have adverse effects on skin when worn for prolonged periods of time. It is best to opt for cotton polos since these materials tend to offer greater moisture-wicking capacity while remaining comfortable against your skin.

Fit is another key consideration, since an improper fit may make you feel uncomfortably and prevent you from performing optimally on the golf course.

Finding clothing that fits perfectly can be difficult, but it’s worthwhile seeking one out. A suitable polo should fit enough so as to remain tucked in without restricting movement or making you feel constricted.

Under Armour has created the Zinger Polo to maximize both style and performance on the course, designed with optimal comfort, fit, and technology in mind. Available in multiple colors.

When purchasing a golf polo, make sure that its sleeves are long enough to stay tucked during swings and don’t become dislodged, preventing missed shots from occurring. This will help ensure a great game.

Keep in mind that some golf courses require collared shirts while others permit other forms of clothing to be worn by players. To get an accurate assessment, it’s advisable to call ahead or visit the club website prior to scheduling your tee time.


When it comes to golf attire, khakis are always a good bet. Not only are they versatile and look professional; but they pair nicely with anything in your closet.

Khaki pants offer the perfect balance between formality and casual attire; you can pair them with sneakers, high-top golf shoes, or anything else you choose – and still look good!

Khakis are also an ideal choice because of their comfort. Constructed from fabric that wicks away moisture without restricting movement, making khakis an excellent option when playing golf or other active pursuits.

When shopping for pants to wear while playing golf, make sure they feature belt loops – this will prevent you from tying up and losing your belt on the course!

Similarly, when playing in warmer conditions it’s important to wear lighter-colored pants so as to stay cool while playing golf. This is especially essential if the temperature rises as this will prevent sweat from building up on your pants and potentially hinder your game.

Avoid jeans and jean shorts when playing golf as these attire choices are inexactly acceptable. Instead, choose to wear khaki, cargo or chino shorts instead.

Men should wear shirts that feature collars or at least long sleeve exercise shirts in neutral colors that have long sleeve length. Avoid T-shirts and halter tops as these aren’t permitted on the course.

Before purchasing golf shoes, be sure that they fit you properly. Soft spike or spikeless shoes are recommended; however, don’t be intimidated into trying a different pair like trainers as well!


For optimal golf shorts, they should be lightweight, breathable and comfortable – not to mention purpose-made for the game itself – without inhibiting performance. Knee length shorts should fit securely over knees while remaining comfortable throughout play.

In hotter weather, shorts may also be worn with lightweight apparel like a sweatshirt to stay cool and dry while protecting your head from the sun’s rays. Hats provide another form of sun protection.

On hot days, wearing a visor may also help. Like baseball caps, these lightweight accessories provide maximum coverage with easy adjustments tailored to meet individual needs.

Puma’s Jackpot shorts provide you with many features designed to enhance your game. Available in 31 colors, with moisture-wicking technology that effectively manages moisture loss, as well as Tee Loops to prevent sharp tees from driving through pockets or ripping material, Puma’s shorts provide many tools that help make them an essential addition.

Louis Oosthuizen is known to thrive under high temperatures on the course, often opting for this lightweight pair with Drycell technology to wick away sweat quickly and comfortably.

These shorts feature an adjustable tacky waistband to keep your shirt tucked in securely within the shorts, helping reduce distractions on the backswing.

These shorts were created by a team of golfers to elevate your game on the course and are an excellent option for men looking for quality golf shorts.

These golf shorts represent excellent value and come in various sizes to accommodate every golfer. Furthermore, they’re extremely comfortable, allowing a full range of motion while being secure thanks to a wide waistband equipped with belt loops for added safety.


Golf shoes differ from running shoes in that they’re specifically tailored for traction, support and weatherproofing – not to mention better energy return and providing a more stable platform – than running shoes. As opposed to shifting around when changing swing or weight-shifts occur.

The best golf sneakers for men offer the ideal combination of performance, traction and comfort that makes them your go-to option both on and off the course. Their minimalist design makes them easy to pair with shorts or tees for maximum wearability.

Nike’s Air Zoom 90 IT sneaker is an excellent example of a sneaker designed specifically to complement golf attire, featuring Air Max technology along with a spikeless sole to keep feet comfy and dry in all conditions. ECCO Ultralight knit golf shoe also provides lightweight comfort suitable for all-weather play.

Grip is essential in golf, so it’s crucial that your shoes provide enough traction so as to prevent slipperiness when hitting the ball. Trail running shoes tend to have more structure which aids with grip on wet or uneven ground.

If you don’t own golf shoes, Golfkicks make an easy solution to create suitable golf footwear from any pair of sneakers. Their soles will transform them into shoes with good traction that are approved by most courses; just remember to always double check the dress code of each course beforehand to make sure that your chosen footwear will comply.


Golf hats can make or break your performance on the course. From improving visibility, blocking UV rays, and keeping you warm on colder days – to simply looking fashionable on colder days! Finding one you feel good wearing should not be difficult!

Golf players have their choice of many hats when selecting one to wear for playing golf, making it important that the right hat be chosen for yourself. Moisture-wicking fabrics and built-in vents will keep you cool during play while easily washing it after each round is important features to look out for when selecting an ideal cap for you.

For optimal protection from the sun, opt for a hat with a wide brim. Professional golfers often wear these styles of hats so it might be worth considering for you as well.

An excellent option for golf hats is a bucket hat, typically constructed of lightweight fabric with an expansive brim that provides sufficient shade from sunlight.

When selecting a hat, be mindful of what kind of weather conditions you typically play in and its style and vibe.

As a woman, you should avoid wearing hats that are too small to fit comfortably on your head and those which have unsettling designs or shapes.

Men can select from an assortment of hats when playing golf, from flat caps and gambler hats to more.

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