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What Color Tie Goes With Black Suit and White Shirt?

A black suit and white shirt ensemble makes an outstanding ensemble choice. Not only can it look classic and sophisticated, but you can add flair by including a printed tie in the mix.

Tie with floral print makes an excellent addition to this combination, creating more formality than a standard black tie while still feeling casual enough for everyday events that require you to wear black suits.


Black suit and white shirt combo is one of the classic and versatile combinations, yet can be difficult to pull off properly. Here’s our guide on how to do just that!

Balance the color palette when pairing black suits and white shirts by choosing an appropriate color tie.

Blue and black are both cool colors, so pairing one of these ties with your black suit makes for a refreshing combination. Or for something more neutral try pairing grey.

Pink and black is an incredible color pairing, but selecting the appropriate shade of pink is key. Wearing a bright pink tie could destroy the harmony of your look!

Tan and blue make an attractive color pairing, complementing each other well due to being opposites in temperature; therefore combining warm tan with cooler blue creates a great formal look. Pair your tan suit with a pale blue shirt and navy or charcoal grey tie for an effective formal ensemble.

Add some flair to your black suit by choosing a tie with a small pattern – stripes work best, though plaid or polka dot designs are also great options.

Selecting the appropriate material is key to finding a flawlessly fitting black suit and shirt ensemble. Natural fibers like wool tend to look more refined and luxurious than synthetics that may appear cheap or unfinished.

If you want to switch up your monochromatic look, try pairing a knitted silk tie in a vibrant color with your black suit for a more relaxed yet still formal vibe. It will certainly look the part at most dress codes!

Light Blue

Light blue suits can make a powerful statement for men looking to stand out. Their muted hue is pleasing on the eye and pairs beautifully with both casual and formal wear – plus, white and other hues work well when pairing this suit together!

Selecting the ideal tie to complement a light blue suit is essential to making it look its best. Color can make a significant difference and adds extra flair.

White and light blue tie colors are perennially classic choices when pairing a light blue suit. Both options have long been part of many men’s wardrobes.

Add some flair to your blue suit by mixing in some pink or ecru. These colors offer more depth than a simple white or light blue hue and provide an interesting accent piece for the ensemble.

Pink and blue hues should not be overdone; otherwise, it could look loud or unprofessional.

Add interest and variety to your blue suit by choosing a tie with a pattern – anything from polka dots and stripes to floral designs can add visual interest!

Consider opting for more modern looks with textured ties if you want something different and stylish. This combination works particularly well for formal evening events and looks very sharp and stylish.

If you’re unsure which tie color best complements your light blue suit, neutral hues will provide the best balance between texture and hues.


If you’re wearing a brown suit, choosing a tie that complements its hue is of paramount importance – particularly when combined with white shirt attire.

If you’re going for a formal look, a solid black or navy tie would be most suitable. However, for something bolder you could also opt for burgundy knit, blue striped, or gray glen check ties if desired.

If you want to add some contrast while maintaining balance in your outfit, brown and olive green ties are great ways to inject color. They bring contrast while still remaining harmonious.

Pink complements brown suits beautifully for an eye-catching and unexpected look that stands out among other combinations. Its subtlety helps break up monotonous primary hues and create an elegant ensemble.

This color combination is particularly appealing due to its simplicity. Furthermore, it works beautifully for business-formal events as well as casual settings.

Add a dark brown tie for added sophistication – it will bring balance to both the light blue shirt and earthy tones of the brown suit, providing a stunning yet sophisticated look.

A brown suit pairs nicely with vibrant yellow or red ties if you prefer more vibrant looks, though be wary not to overdo it; too much might jar with the overall aesthetic and clash with each other.

Brown suits are timeless classics that work beautifully across different styles and fabrics, making them an excellent choice for all seasons and accessories. A brown suit makes a timeless investment piece and should last you for many years ahead!


Orange is an eye-catching hue that exudes positive energy, making it a suitable color choice for men who wish to make an unforgettable first impression. Furthermore, wearing orange adds excitement to otherwise plain outfits so ensure it forms part of your wardrobe!

Orange ties can be more challenging to pair with black suits than with white ones; however, you can achieve success if your look remains classic and understated. A pocket square, boutonniere or socks that feature orange hues can add some character without becoming over the top or clownish.

Add orange to your outfit in another eye-catching way by pairing it with blue. A light or dark navy suit paired with an orange tie creates an eye-catching combination, standing out among crowds.

Try pairing a burnt orange or rusty orange tie with either a dark blue or royal blue suit for an attractive fall/winter ensemble. Their warm shades combine beautifully to form an eye-catching ensemble suitable for wear during these seasons.

Alternately, orange ties make an eye-catching contrast against gray-blue or slate suits in summertime. A solid or patterned orange shirt would also work nicely. To finish off the look, an elegant hair comb, barrette, necklace scarf or handbag incorporating that shade would help tie everything together beautifully.

This outfit serves as an example of how to incorporate orange without seeming overbearing or cartoonish. The combination of patterns in both jacket and dress shirt compliment each other without clashing; similarly, washed-out khaki joggers and blue sneakers are subtle enough that this ensemble doesn’t come across as too bright or cartoonish.

Pink or Blue

Are You Planning an Elegant Event, Like a Daytime Wedding or Office Meeting? A light blue shirt is an elegant choice to complete the look at a daytime wedding or office meeting, providing a fresh yet formal appearance. Neutral yet comfortable, light blue shirts pair beautifully with black suits!

Pink is an ideal color to pair with many outfits and looks fantastic when worn as a tie – you could even try choosing a pink tie if you want to make an eye-catching statement, just be careful that it doesn’t overshadow your ensemble!

For a casual yet fashionable look, a light pink suit may be an ideal option. It can pair nicely with both solid-color and pattern tie options without becoming too bright.

Pink may not be considered as traditional as other colors, yet it looks very chic and sophisticated on men. Wear it with either a blue tie for more formal occasions, or pair it with gray ones for work environments.

Darker shades of pink tend to work best for formal settings, although lighter options can still work effectively. You could choose either a patterned or striped pink tie – or even opt for something more subdued like lilac if that’s your preference – when dressing for formal events.

Pair a pink shirt with navy suit for an effective contrast that features warm undertones of red from any shade of pink, as the warm undertones create an interesting visual. A thin or wide striped tie with dots in matching color completes this look while dark brown dress shoes add the final touches to complete this ensemble.

This combination is simple yet stylish, guaranteed to boost both confidence and style instantly. Explore different tie patterns for an original look; just be sure that it has enough width to go with your suit.

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