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What Are Jockstraps For?

Jockstraps were first invented for men in 1874 as underwear to assist bicycle jockeys navigating Boston’s cobblestone streets.

Now, they’re used for various reasons; one being protecting sensitive areas from blunt trauma.


A jockstrap is a protective garment consisting of an elastic waistband and pouch designed to secure and support the manhood. First developed for bikers over 150 years ago, now they are widely used across a range of sports and fitness activities.

Wearing a jockstrap during contact sports is usually done to safeguard the groin area and avoid injuries to both it and testicles, especially games like baseball or hockey that use balls as playing pieces. But jockstraps may also be worn medically to treat hernias or other conditions.

Straps don’t just serve to protect; they also help ensure a comfortable workout experience. Some gyms even require their members to wear one while working out; as such, it is crucial that they understand how to select an ideal supporter.

jockstraps provide more than just support to the groin; they also serve to cool the body by evaporating sweat from exercise sessions and cooling your core temperature. Furthermore, these lightweight yet breathable material types such as mesh or lycra can keep skin cool and dry throughout exercise sessions.

There are various styles of jockstraps, each designed differently. Some feature a pouch in front which contains a hard cup to help prevent hernias or other injuries during sports; other styles feature wider and more elastic waistbands.

Some jockstraps come equipped with garter clips or adjustable elastic straps to keep it secure, while other versions feature foam padding to absorb shock during contact sports.

If you’re unsure which supporter would best fit your needs, it is advisable to speak to either a doctor or certified personal trainer before making the decision as to whether a jockstrap would work. Jockstraps can help reduce hernias; however they won’t provide as much protection.

The jockstrap is the epitome of athletic underwear, offering comfort with support and style all-in-one piece. From fields and gym floors alike, jockstraps should be considered essential pieces in every man’s active wardrobe.


A jockstrap is an undergarment designed to offer support and protection to the lower belly, buttocks, and genitalia. The cup pocket of this garment absorbs sweat from your genital area to reduce risk of chafing; furthermore it prevents testicles from bouncing during strenuous physical activities.

Men playing sports such as baseball, football and boxing often wear a jockstrap with protective cups to guard their scrotum from injuries. These athletic cups can be found inside an elastic pouch of their jockstrap for added security against potential trauma to their scrotums.

Some sports, like soccer, require players to wear a special type of cup designed specifically for them and made out of plastic with foam padding to protect the groin area. Because these cups may only work well for specific activities like soccer or rugby, other athletes might choose another style in order to reduce any discomfort.

Historially, jockstraps were first created to provide support and protection for men engaged in sports that require frequent physical movements like running, cycling, weightlifting and swimming. They have proven particularly useful.

These pants also help stop testicles from bobbing around during exercise, eliminating chaffing and pain while exercising. Their supportive waistline ensures maximum comfort during hotter weather or when wearing tighter clothing.

Though many may never think to wear one, jockstraps can be an excellent solution for men looking for additional support during rigorous physical activities, including running and weightlifting. Their support can keep scrotum and penis secure during physical activities while engaging in athletic activity; there are various styles and sizes available to meet different needs.

If you’re searching for lightweight yet comfortable protection of the scrotum and penis, Obviously Apparel offers lightweight yet stylish jockstraps made from soft micro modal and lycra fabric combined with bamboo rayon for additional moisture-wicking performance.


Sexual stimulation refers to any stimulus which leads to sexual arousal or orgasm, whether physical like exercise sessions and massage, or mental like reading and fantasizing.

A jockstrap is a style of underwear designed to cover and conceal your crotch area with two straps at either end, as well as a pouch in front. First seen in 19th-century cycling etiquette books, its popularity spread far and wide through athletic communities across various fields.

Now, jockstraps have become an iconic garment in gay culture and a symbol of masculinity. According to Brian Pronger’s book The Arena of Masculinity: Sports, Homosexuality and the Meaning of Sex, athletics can act as both metaphor and reality for male sexuality and gender norms.

As another benefit of jockstraps, they help keep your groin area dry – helping prevent chafing while improving circulation.

When participating in sports or intense physical activities, wearing a jockstrap can help protect against injuries. If you have any doubts regarding whether you require one or not, consult a doctor, coach or personal trainer before making your decision.

Jockstraps are comfortable, lightweight, breathable and easy to wash and dry – plus they don’t take up much room in your drawer, enabling you to wear them with multiple outfits!

A jockstrap can help boost your self-confidence. The straps and pouch provide support and security – especially important if this type of underwear is new to you.

Straps are designed to accentuate your curves and front profile. Made of cloth strips or mesh fabric, they come in different colors to add visual interest and can even come with adjustable closures for greater control.

This can help boost your confidence and make you more relaxed when having sex with your partner, providing an extra sex boost that makes the experience more exciting!


Jockstraps may be worn for medical purposes such as post-injury recovery and to reduce pain from strenuous physical activity, however if this is your intention then please seek advice from a sports medicine professional before wearing jockstraps for this reason.

There can be various reasons for wearing support underwear, so it is essential that you find one suitable to your body type. Here are some of the more prevalent ones:

1. Protecting against Erectile Dysfunction and Preventing Penis Injuries

Men who experience erectile dysfunction may benefit from using a jockstrap for compression therapy to address their symptoms and increase sexual performance, particularly while playing sports. Additionally, compression may improve sexual performance which in turn improves sexual performance – potentially improving sexual performance dramatically!

2. Reduce Lower Back Pain and Improve Posture

Professional tennis players rely on jockstraps to enhance their performance on the court, while supporting abdominal muscles for proper posture when striking balls.

3. Enhancing comfort and support to men’s lower backs

Athletic supporters are popularly used to provide extra comfort and support when participating in various sports such as soccer or rugby, helping ensure your back stays at its optimal performance level. Vitality Medical stocks athletic supports from Mediven, Surgical Appliance Bauer & Black and FLA Orthopedics that can meet this need.

4. French Men Developing Novel Birth Controlmethodes To better share in birth control responsibility, French men have devised a DIY contraception method dubbed ‘boulocho’ which warms their testicles while decreasing sperm count to make pregnancy less likely.

Dating back nearly 50 years, jockstraps are seeing renewed interest among men looking to retake responsibility in fertility care. According to researchers, wearing jockstraps for 15 hours each day raises testicular temperature by 2C and may provide natural contraception if worn 15 hours a day.

Light and breathable fabrics make these undergarment ideal for hot days or tight outfits, while there is also an assortment of colors and styles available so that you can select one to best fit your body type. Not to mention that they’re also very comfortable to remove when necessary!

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