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How Men Can Rock the 80s Hairstyles: A Guide to Retro Hair

Old hairstyles seem to reemerge every so often, which makes it great seeing some iconic 80s styles making a comeback!

In the 1980s, one of the most iconic men’s haircuts was the mullet. This hairdo features short hair on the sides and front with long locks in back.

The Mullet

If you ever encountered a rock star during the 80s, they likely sported the mullet hairstyle – one of the most iconic mens hairstyles from that era that features short frontal cuts with longer back layers – making an impressionful statement about them and still fashionable today.

Men with naturally curly or wavy locks can also benefit from this look, with its soft layered transition from bangs to length in the back creating an appealing contemporary style that highlights their curls.

This style can either be asymmetrical or symmetrical depending on your personal taste and preference. Asymmetrical hairstyles add character and are an effective way to stand out in a crowd.

The mullet first made its debut among rock stars during the 1970s. David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Andy Mackay and Paul McCartney all donned this style at this time.

In the 1980s, this hairstyle became a mainstream men’s look favored by rock stars and businesspeople alike. Additionally, its popularity also became part of lesbian culture at that time and served as a means for members to identify as members of that culture.

Modern times have witnessed a revival of the mullet. Football players, celebrities, and fashion stylists are reviving it as part of their signature styles.

This hairstyle is ideal for medium-length cuts as it allows you to maintain an appealing yet distinct style. This haircut works especially well on men with oval face shapes.

Mullets are also an ideal option for anyone who seeks low maintenance hairstyles that are easy to keep looking neat. A trim every other week keeps mullets looking their best. Additionally, various products can help keep a mullet looking its best!

For those seeking an asymmetrical-free mullet style, a Caesar cut can provide the ideal solution. This short hairstyle features fairly equal length in front and back as well as horizontal bangs to complete the look.

This style is more daring than the standard mullet and may require professional assistance to successfully achieve. Consult a stylist as it’s best practice to ensure your hair stays in place for as long as possible.

The Mohawk

The Mohawk is a distinctive hairstyle featuring a strip of hair running down the center of one’s head. Most often worn by men, however it can sometimes be worn by women as well. Introduced to public in the 1980s and now widely popular among both punk music fans and heavy metal enthusiasts.

Mohawk refers to an indigenous people from North America known as Mohawk Nation who originally resided in Mohawk Valley of upstate New York. Hollywood first made mention of them through Henry Fonda’s 1939 movie Drums Along the Mohawk.

World War II saw many American GIs wear mohawks to intimidate enemies; today it is worn by athletes, celebrities and fashionistas of all kinds.

Mohawks can be styled in various ways to suit individual preferences; some wearers choose to enhance theirs using dyes while others keep their locks natural.

Dyeing Mohawk hairstyles with dye can add color and make them truly stand out. From traditional black or brown hues, to vibrant hues reminiscent of some 1980s movies – rainbow-inspired Mohawk hairstyles offer endless opportunities to stand out and express individuality! Dyeing is also an enjoyable way to personalize the style for more distinctive style statements that truly distinguishes one from their peers.

However, the Mohawk can be difficult to pull off successfully and may take more effort and maintenance to achieve your desired look, especially for more extreme cuts.

If you don’t have much time to devote to styling your hair, a simpler Mohawk may be an appropriate alternative. It is less dramatic than its more dramatic counterpart and can even be made to appear more feminine by adding soft curls or bangs.

Buzz cuts are an alternative Mohawk hairstyle that are becoming increasingly popular, typically consisting of short, shaved haircuts on both sides of the head while leaving more lengthier locks at the front for styling purposes. They provide an effective solution to reduce maintenance needs while still looking stylish!

A buzz cut can also be an excellent way to add volume and fullness to your hair, and is particularly recommended for anyone with thick or coarse locks as it will help create the illusion that their locks appear fuller.

The Big Hair

Mens hairstyles in the 1980s came in many varieties. While many men had long, wavy locks, others favored shorter styles like buzz cuts or mullets.

The Big Hair style was one of the most beloved looks during this era, particularly among skinheads. To achieve it, both sides of your head would be shaved incredibly short while leaving some length at the crown for added volume and style. It provided an exciting way to express individuality!

Mohawk hairstyle was another iconic look from the 1980s and popular during punk rock’s early days. This look involved shaving both sides of your head with spiked strips at its center to achieve this classic style.

Modern celebrities are becoming more frequent fans of this trend and can be found sporting it today. If you want to try this style for yourself, there are numerous products on the market which can help you achieve it.

To achieve the look, you will require the appropriate tools and products. Be sure to choose a shampoo and conditioner that can accommodate both your personal style and the type of curls that you wish to achieve.

One excellent solution for men with Afro-textured hair is the Jheri curl. This style creates voluminous curls that you can style any number of ways.

The high fade is another popular style from the 1980s that became incredibly fashionable among hip hop artists. While this look may be less extreme than others like mohawk or mullet, you can still sport this look easily and stylishly.

Spiked and dyed hair were another trend popular during the 80s. Men looking for ways to stand out often turned to this look for this purpose, making a statement while simultaneously listening to music and making their mark on society.

The Pretty Boy

The Pretty Boy haircut became an immensely popular look among men during the 1980s, known for its clean cut with just a subtle hint of texture. Most recognizable on Emilio Estevez and widely adopted among preppy boys who wanted a conservative yet chic style, it became an indispensable style choice.

If you love the 80s look, creating it yourself doesn’t take much work: simply grab a clip-on comb and some gel or serum for that classic 80s style that won’t require too much maintenance while still looking stylish and cool.

The Mullet Trend Revived! Popular during the 1980s and an effective way to manage excess hair on your head.

The mullet was one of the most recognizable hairstyles among celebrities such as Billy Ray Vaughn and Rob Lowe, both known for sporting this look.

Popular among Black men as well, many wore this hairstyle as an expression of their sexuality and sexy side. Any type of hair could be styled into this look to show its full potential!

This style became increasingly fashionable during the 90s with rappers such as Ludacris and Rick James popularizing this hairstyle. Additionally, the jerry curl remains an appealing hairstyle choice today among men.

During the 1980s, textured waves became an increasingly popular hairstyle among men with naturally curly locks; it allowed their locks to appear soft and fluffy while making an impressionable statement about style and comfort.

Textured waves were also an effective way to keep your locks healthy and full-looking, creating the signature 1980s look that had everyone talking.

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