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How to Wear a Pocket Square

Pocket squares are an easy and stylish way to add class to any ensemble, while being functional accessories that can be worn to many events and occasions.

Keep this in mind when selecting your pocket square: it should complement, not match the color of your suit jacket.


As part of any formal event or to add some flair, a properly folded pocket square can make all the difference in how an ensemble comes together. Indeed, it is one of the key accessories in any man’s closet; with some practice you can fold any pocket square with ease and elevate your style immediately.

Selecting the ideal tie and pocket square combination is key to any well-dressed man’s attire. Though finding a pair that works seamlessly may prove challenging, there are certain selections which will always do.

White cotton or linen pocket squares are always an appropriate option when matching any suit and shirt combination, and can easily be dressed up or down depending on which fold is used. No matter its material, however, it should ideally match both tie and shirt colors as closely as possible.

For an elegant formal look, nothing can compare with a simple square fold (also referred to as the “presidential fold”). It will ensure a neat fold that makes you appear dignified.

One-point fold tuxedo jackets offer another great choice for formal events, like weddings or galas. This timeless fold looks clean and timeless and can easily fit in with the atmosphere of any formal gathering.

Folding a pocket square is easier than it seems and can be done by anyone – simply lay it flat and fold from top down until a rectangle forms that measures equal width as your pocket and about an inch longer. Tuck this rectangle into your breast pocket securely before tightening its width as necessary.

Folding a pocket square for a tuxedo requires keeping in mind that any visible fold should only be seen from the outside, which makes a simple design the best choice.

If you need some guidance when it comes to folding, here are a few basic folds that should work for most suit and shirt combinations:

Paisley tie and pocket square sets remain fashionable; this timeless combination can make an excellent statement at business meetings or weddings. Paisley patterns work particularly well when worn against plain suits for contrast; however, it can also be utilized in other situations as needed.


Pocket squares are elegant finishing touches for formal attire ranging from wedding day looks to weekday waistcoats. While a classic white pocket square may be part of every tuxedo’s arsenal, there are numerous ways to fold it for maximum flair and personal expression.

To wear a pocket square in an effective manner, the key is choosing an understated color or pattern that complements both your jacket and tie without overwhelming them. In other words, avoid choosing something too busy that takes away from their main purpose of complimenting each other.

As an example, a vibrant red or yellow square can provide the perfect accent against navy ensembles while pastel pocket squares in hues such as robin’s egg blue or lavender may work best with summer suits. When selecting pocket square patterns it’s best to opt for simpler ones as busier patterns may appear too kitsch and studied.

Not only should your pocket square complement the color and material of your suit, but also match its texture and material composition. For instance, if you are sporting cotton pants then perhaps silk or linen square would make the ideal addition.

Your tie or bow tie fabric should also be considered when choosing the appropriate pocket squares and outfit. A basic black tie can work with nearly every pocket square style; however, any bold colors or prints might not be appropriate when worn with tuxedos.

Rule number one in pocket square selection: never attempt to match exactly. Doing so may appear too deliberate and distract from your overall look. Typically it is better to opt for a neutral-coloured pocket square and use your tie or bow tie as an accent colour that adds subtle distinction.

If you want a stylish pocket square that stands out, why not combine two squares into one larger piece and fold them together to form one larger square? This can make an eye-catching yet refined statement.

Folding your pocket square requires both quality fabric and patience; any misstep could result in a messy look! Take your time in this step so as to not make mistakes that lead to messy-looking folds.

Pocket Square

Pocket squares may seem like an unnecessary accessory on a suit jacket or blazer, but they can actually add a great deal to formal attire. From office parties to weddings and more formal affairs, adding one can set you apart.

As soon as you start shopping for pocket squares, the first decision should be what fabric to choose. Your material choice can have a dramatic effect on its aesthetics and how well it complements your suit and tie. Cotton, silk, wool and linen are popular fabrics used in pocket squares; each has different weight, sheen and texture characteristics which give each square its own individual character.

Cotton pocket squares offer a versatile, neutral aesthetic and are relatively cost-effective and long-wearing. If you prefer something more distinctive, silk or linen are also excellent choices.

An elegant pocket square adds an unexpected, eye-catching element to your look, so make sure it matches with your suit, shirt and tie colors for optimal results. If multiple patterns exist within an outfit it may be best to go for neutral tones that complement them all.

Getting used to wearing a pocket square may take some practice; once you know a few key folds, you’ll become an expert quickly!

Pocket squares come in an assortment of colors and patterns to meet the style needs of every occasion, ensuring you find one to complement your look perfectly. If patterns don’t appeal, solid-color pocket squares may also help balance out your suit and tie ensemble.

Fold your pocket square by laying it flat on your desk. While this might initially prove challenging, be patient as soon enough you’ll have it down pat!

Alternately, try the three-point fold. While this style requires slightly more effort to execute properly, its results will definitely justify your extra work. Start by folding diagonal corners up, adding one point on top, then fold all remaining corners down until your paper resembles something suitable for pocket.


Pocket squares can add an elegant and stylish finishing touch to a suit, blazer or tuxedo outfit without becoming the focal point. However, there’s a fine line between adding too many details and overshadowing your entire ensemble – with some knowledge, you can wear one that looks elegant without overshadowing everything else about it.

Selecting an ideal pocket square color and pattern for your tuxedo can be challenging, yet achievable. When in doubt, try sticking to neutral hues such as white or gray as these complement your outfit easily.

Opting for a bold hue like red or blue can add some personality and stand out from the crowd, but make sure that its colors and patterns complement those found elsewhere in your tuxedo wardrobe.

Texture contrast should also be kept in mind, particularly when wearing a textured tie. Ideally, your pocket square fabric should contrast with its texture to complete your overall look and maximize visual impact.

An elegant silk pocket square can add depth and dimension to your outfit when worn with a more rugged, more textured necktie, while textured wool ties look fantastic when worn with smooth cotton pocket squares – the contrast provides depth and dimension!

Floral pocket squares are an increasingly popular choice among many. Floral patterns come in all sizes and styles from large to small and abstract to realistic designs that add an elegant touch.

These designs make great accent pieces to any formal or casual event, including weddings and spring events – as well as being great additions during a drab winter season! This look is especially popular at weddings.

There are various folding techniques for pocket squares, but the most formal is probably the tidy presidential fold, which may take practice to master. This fold requires precision and symmetry so multiple test runs may be necessary until you find one that suits perfectly.

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