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Men’s Hat and Short Hair Style Tips: How to Make Them Look Good Together

Hats can be challenging for men with short hair. Selecting a non-complementing style could result in unflattering silhouettes, or it could bury all your locks and leave you looking like an idiot.

There are plenty of stylish hats designed specifically to work well with short hair, just know how to select the one that is suitable for you.

Baseball Cap

Hats can add an effortless chic element to any look, no matter your hair length. From pixie cuts and bob haircuts, to styling your short locks with a hat for an effortlessly stylish outfit.

One of the classic menswear looks is a baseball cap, first popular since their introduction in the 1830s and still loved today by baseball players and sports enthusiasts. Baseball caps come in many styles, fabrics, colors and fabrics but are widely known for their flat peak design and structured structure.

When selecting a baseball cap to wear with short hair, it’s essential that it fits comfortably. A baseball cap should sit above your ears and rest in the middle of your forehead. Baseball caps also offer great versatility by being worn either forwards or backwards depending on personal preference.

Baseball caps can be an ideal summer accessory to help shield skin and hair from UV rays from the sun’s harmful rays. When choosing one for yourself, ensure it does not have too many holes or gaps that allow sweat into your hat and makes its way through into your locks, otherwise this could result in unwanted dirt build-up and sweat-soaked locks clogging up with dirt and grime.

Make sure the cap you select is made from breathable and comfortable material such as cotton or linen, for optimal ventilation. Also ensure it doesn’t feel bulky or heavy which could cause headaches and neck pain.

Medium-length haired individuals will benefit from adding a baseball cap as an elegant finishing touch to their ensemble. Not only is it easy to wear, but its many styling possibilities include low ponytails and side braids.

Putting on a baseball cap can be the perfect way to showcase your wavy or curly locks and add casual chic. Plus, its stretch fabric adds comfort.

Snapback caps have long been worn by Major League baseball players since their introduction in the 1800s. Constructed of cotton or wool fabric and equipped with a snapback closure at the back, snapback caps offer quick adjustments of fit for maximum comfort on field players. You may also choose from strapback options which use straps for fit adjustment.


Beanies can make for an adorable look with short hair when styled correctly, as they look super adorable when styled correctly. Beanies are versatile enough to pair with various hairstyles such as low ponytail, man bun and loose waves for added fun – beanie is an essential piece. Wear one when experiencing bad hair days, warming up during fall/winter seasons or just adding flair to an ensemble – whether to cover bad hair days, warm up your outfit or add fun elements a beanie is essential!

Choosing a beanie that complements both your hair length and type is key if you have short locks. A tight beanie may ruin the natural curl pattern in thick or curly locks and make them frizzy; opt instead for something slim-fitting that’s designed to balance head shape and length.

Attire that is too large or slouchy can appear inappropriate and take over your head, which could result in it appearing like it belongs there. A better option may be rolling back your beanie so it sits higher on your forehead to reveal more of your features.

Opting for a beanie with an adjustable cuff may also help keep your ears warm; just make sure it fits comfortably around your ears.

Beanie with cuff can make for an elegant accent piece to any ensemble – be it casual wear or something more formal like suit and tie ensembles.

Beanie caps make an easy addition to any casual ensemble – pair it with jeans and sneakers for a more laid-back feel, or try styling it with chinos and a sweatshirt for something more relaxing.

An alternative way of styling your beanie with leather gloves is pairing it with some. Not only will this look chic, but it will also keep your hands warm during those blustery morning commutes!

For an effortless winter look, opt for a knitted beanie with a cuff – this can pair nicely with any type of jacket!

Add flair and style to a simple beanie by layering it with a hoodie, gilet, and wool overcoat for an eye-catching winter look. Or layer it up with a bomber jacket for a fashionable take that won’t disappoint.


Fascinators are millinery headpieces designed by milliners (hatmakers) and worn at weddings, races and other formal events. Made from various materials with different shapes and sizes to suit various occasions – choosing one can make an impressionful first impression at any event!

Prior to wearing a fascinator, backcombing your hair can help keep it in place and provide more ‘bouncy’ strands – this technique is especially helpful in controlling flyaway hair!

Use hairspray to maintain your style. This will make your locks sticky enough that they won’t slide out when removing your fascinator, as well as helping prevent further slipperiness from occurring in the future.

Selecting a fascinator that complements the shape of your face is also integral to styling short hair effectively. Small disc fascinators work best with more angular features while delicate floral styles work better on more round facial structures.

Femininators may be most commonly worn at formal events, but they can still make for an eye-catching accessory when worn with short hair styles like pixie and bob cuts. A fascinator adds sophisticated edge while adding volume.

A fascinator can add flair to your hairstyle and outfit without breaking the bank! It’s an affordable way to transform your look!

When pairing your fascinator with a bun, select one with a narrow headband for optimal results. A wider band may create an unattractive silhouette and won’t look as sleek and sophisticated.

Opting for a chignon is another effective way of counterbalancing the weight of your fascinator and creating some symmetry. Additionally, this style will add extra volume and length to your locks while giving it some balance and poise.

Before choosing which fascinator hairstyle best fits, it’s wise to experiment with various hairstyles with your fascinator. Braids and textured buns are easy to incorporate into your style and can be styled into an up-do or casual braid look; alternatively you could try ponytails or plait your hair into a fishtail braid and style it around the fascinator for added dimension.


Fedoras are timeless men’s hats, and adding one into your wardrobe should be easy. Their versatile nature means they pair well with everything from formal suits to casual wear.

A fedora hat features a distinctive indented crown with short, upward curving brim, making it less formal than bowler or top hats while fancier than baseball caps. They come in different styles and colors and may be made from wool felt, straw or leather materials.

If you have short hair, a fedora may be an ideal way to enhance its style. There are a few key points you need to keep in mind when wearing one with short locks so it will look its best.

First and foremost, make sure that the hat fits perfectly on your head. This is essential as too big of a hat may look out of proportion or be comical if too small of one fits snugly enough to your head.

Once you know your hat size, the next step should be trying on different styles to find one that fits. Doing this will allow you to find one that feels good on your head without leaving red marks behind or any discomfort.

Another key consideration when trying on a fedora is your face shape. Shorter brims tend to work best for rounder facial structures while extended ones can enhance longer facial structures.

When purchasing a fedora, be sure to try on multiple sizes and styles before choosing the ideal one for you. This will help ensure a comfortable fit that does not cause headaches while you wear it.

Make sure you wear your fedora proudly and with pride; doing otherwise could be seen as disrespecting it. Never put it on backwards as this would be considered an inappropriate way of wearing it and could potentially insult its creators.

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