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How to Wash on Cloud Shoes

No matter the activity or terrain, shoes need some TLC! Let’s take a look at how to clean cloud shoes so they remain your companions for many more miles ahead.

Use a mixture of water and liquid mild soap for quick and effortless shoe cleaning. Scrub them using a toothbrush coated in soap before rinsing thoroughly afterwards.

Washing Machine

If you want your running sneakers looking brand new, washing them in a washing machine is the easiest way to achieve this. But first make sure they’re free from dirt or any soil build-up before washing.

Start by hand-washing your running sneakers to remove dirt and grime. This is one of the easiest ways to keep them looking their best over time!

Make use of a tub filled with warm water or sink, adding some detergent. Place your On Clouds shoes into the tub or sink, leaving them there for at least an hour – this is one of the fastest ways to keep them looking their best!

Once your shoes have been thoroughly cleaned, place them in an area with airflow to air dry naturally. A fan or paper towel stuffed in their shoe could speed up this process further.

Add old towels to the drum of your washer in order to evenly distribute the load and prevent shoes from becoming tangled or hitting one another during its spinning cycle. This will also prevent them from getting caught together during their spin cycle, helping protect both them and you from potential injury.

When using your washing machine to clean running shoes, select an economical cold water cycle with either slow or no-spin options for optimal results. Avoid hot water as it can break down their glue bonds over time and result in premature disintegration.

Before placing On Cloud shoes into the washing machine, be sure to unzip all laces and keep them separate from insoles – this will prevent them from getting tangled up in the machine as well as protecting your laundry from being damaged by accidental overloading of the washer.

Once this step is completed, collect a mesh bag or pillowcase and store the laces and insoles inside of it. Additionally, adding some paper towels or old newspapers may speed up the drying process.

Hand Washing

Cloud shoes offer comfort and style in abundance; however, even so they require regular care to remain fresh-looking and maintain their clean appeal so you can wear them repeatedly. Cleaning them frequently will ensure their beauty stays intact so you can wear them for many years to come!

While cloud shoes can often be washed in the washing machine, it is best to do it manually to protect their interior and ensure there are no stains or marks left from running.

As the first step of washing cloud shoes, taking off their laces is crucial – failing to do so could prevent proper removal from the washing machine and may render your shoe inaccessible to you.

First, gently scrub your shoes with a toothbrush to loosen any stubborn dirt accumulations. Rinse thoroughly and dry off with a towel.

A rubbing brush can also help you clear away any stubborn mud, while clearing away gravel from under your shoe.

Baking soda can also help to clean out dirt on the soles of your shoes and rid any lingering smells from them. Doing this will whiten them and get rid of any unpleasant odors.

Keep in mind when washing your shoes that using as little detergent as possible is best, since too much could actually do more harm than good.

As with anything that can get wet, be sure to let them air-dry instead of using a dryer – heat from the dryer can warp your cloud shoes, altering their shape.

Handwashing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to defend against infection. Not only is it simple, but it’s also essential in helping maintain good health by stopping germs spreading between hands. Handwashing also serves an integral part of WHO’s SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign.


Experienced runners know the value of keeping their shoes clean. An unsightly pair can hinder your running performance and even damage them from within, leaving a bad taste in your mouth as you get out the door for each run.

Maintaining the condition of cloudy and worn running shoes is easier than you may think! With some effort and persistence, your kicks can return to their former glory in no time at all.

Clean your On Clouds in this straightforward sequence: removing their laces, soaking them in warm water for at least one hour before using mild detergent (blue detergent is my go-to choice) with some elbow grease to scrub them clean. After this step is completed, rinse off with clean water before placing them somewhere safe to air dry for best results.

This process will help clear away much of the dirt and grime accumulated throughout your run, keeping your feet dry and free of odors. You could even try rubbing them with baking soda to improve their sparkle and smell; that way your On Clouds will look and smell as good as new! Additionally, add crumpled pieces of paper to your wash basket in case any additional moisture collects there.

Baking Soda

If your pair of white shoes has started to fade from wear and tear, use baking soda for an inexpensive yet natural cleaning solution that will get them looking their best again.

This everyday household ingredient serves multiple functions, from eliminating odors to bleaching clothes and cleaning appliances. Furthermore, research suggests it can even promote kidney health in people living with chronic kidney disease.

Cleaning shoes using baking soda is another effective way of eliminating stubborn stains. For stubborn spots, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with approximately one cup of warm water and apply this solution directly onto your shoe before leaving it sit for five minutes before using a soft bristled brush to rub away any stain residues.

Wash and dry them carefully to restore their bright appearance and keep them looking like new. This process should help keep them looking brand new for as long as possible.

Baking soda’s other great benefit lies in its ability to soothe itching, pain and redness caused by insect bites or rashes. Simply mix some with some water and apply to affected area before rinsing off with soapy water afterwards – especially helpful when mosquitoes or poison ivy are involved! Applied topically or as an oral rinse will provide fast relief while protecting skin against infection.

Baking soda is an effective natural exfoliator, gently exfoliating away dead skin cells while leaving your complexion looking soft and smooth. Furthermore, baking soda has also proven itself an effective remedy against acne and blackheads, and therefore often used in facial scrubs.

To maintain the shine of your shoes, a baking soda and vinegar solution may help. Simply combine several tablespoons of vinegar with 1 cup of water in a container.

Combine 2 cups of vinegar with half-cup liquid detergent for an effective cleaning solution that will effectively remove dirt and stains without damage to your shoes.

Your laces and insoles will thank you! Not only can this solution eliminate any foul odors caused by sweating, it may even work to effectively deodorize them! Just ensure to test out its efficacy first before applying it across your entire footwear collection.

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