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Black Men’s Mustache Styles

Black men have numerous choices when it comes to styling their facial hair. Ranging from full beards and mustaches, there are unique looks suitable for every face shape.

One popular choice among black men is a goatee, as they’re easy to grow and can be customized to any face shape.

Walrus Mustache

If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, consider growing a walrus mustache. Traditionally worn by distinguished gentlemen, this style exudes respect. Plus, it can add dimension and flair to both your chin and upper lip areas!

Aside from its stylish appearance, the walrus mustache is also easy to grow and maintain – all you need is some patience and commitment to get it looking its best. Though growing it may prove challenging at first, once you become proficient it will prove worth your while!

Black men frequently don this style of mustache. You may recognize its presence among notable figures like Mark Twain, American President Teddy Roosevelt and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche – to name but a few.

The walrus mustache is typically thick and bushy, reaching down over the upper lip and covering part of the mouth. Additionally, its thick whiskers often drape lower on either side for added flair.

Some walrus mustaches even cover the mouth completely – an unmistakably rough look associated with strong, independent men who don’t shy away from being themselves.

This mustache style resembles that of a handlebar mustache in that it never extends below the upper lip and doesn’t curl at its ends, giving it a more refined and classy appearance than its chevron counterpart.

Walrus mustaches stand out from other mustaches because they are distinguished by their long length, which should cover your upper lip entirely and extend down towards your beard base, mimicking the appearance of a walrus muzzle.

To achieve an authentic walrus mustache will require time and patience. Allow it to grow out for at least three months before trimming to your desired length.

At this stage, it’s essential that your mustache remains neat and groomed using mustache wax or mustache combs to keep it under control and prevent it from growing wild.

Long Chin Mustache

Long chin mustaches are an attractive style choice for black men. Easy to cultivate and require minimal upkeep, this long chin mustache style gives your face a clean and stylish look while adding body and definition – an effective way to distinguish yourself amongst others.

The Long Chin Mustache is an attractive black men’s mustache style that works well on anyone with a narrow jawline and works great across a range of facial structures; the long chin mustache grows quickly while accentuating cheekbones.

This mustache style has long been popular with black men and is still highly desired today. The look consists of a straight line of facial hair resembling a chevron pattern; typically this chevron will be trimmed to an elegant point to ensure its style remains.

Another classic black men’s mustache style is the pencil-thin mustache, featuring a thin line of hair running across the upper lip. This quirky mustache adds character and can be styled with either a soul patch or chin strap for an additional dimension to your look.

A horseshoe mustache can add an eye-catching flair to any black men’s mustache and is an effective way to show your wild side. With its bold cut that extends close to the jawline, this mustache style is often combined with soul patches for maximum impact and is an ideal way to showcase one’s individuality.

Try a pyramidal mustache for something a bit different. This style features a thinner version of the mustache with an upward-facing V shape and is often worn by younger black men; it combines short mustaches with wider ones without worrying too much about growing out an extensive one.

The diamond face shape features widest cheekbones and narrowest forehead/jawline areas, so balancing those areas through facial hair should be your priority. A goatee works particularly well to accent these features without overshadowing them; similarly, pencil-thin mustaches will bring attention to your cheekbones without overwhelming them.

Pencil-Thin Mustache

The Pencil-Thin Mustache Style is one of the most beloved facial hair trends among black men, featuring a thin line of hair running over the upper lip and across its surface. A great way to add some character and variety to your appearance, it can easily be maintained and worn with various hairstyles.

It makes a stylish statement at either a casual daytime event or sophisticated evening occasion, as this mustache does not sit too thickly or long on most facial structures.

This mustache style can also make a strong statement when worn by older men who wish to project an authoritative business-like image. However, regular grooming of this mustache should ensure it retains its professional appearance.

Use this mustache to frame your lips and enhance your masculine features, and stand out in a crowd while walking down the street.

To achieve this look, you will need to shave any remaining facial hair and carefully trim the edges of a pencil mustache. An electric mustache trimmer can make this task simpler.

After trimming, rinse your pencil mustache thoroughly to get rid of any leftover shaving cream or other residue, and apply an aftershave lotion containing moisturisers as soon as possible for best results.

Add a slim chin patch for an eye-catching and trendy look! Similar to the soul patch but longer and wider. It makes an excellent alternative to long pencil mustaches.

If you’re struggling with how to create a slim chin patch, try styling it with a comb and mustache wax. Or use a razor – whatever works for you – until the hair grows out to your preferred length.

For added dimension in their mustache, men with thinner lips or those who have a flat philtrum (the space between their nose and upper lip) might want to consider going for a thicker pencil mustache style. This style works particularly well if they want something unique.

This mustache is ideal for more mature black men looking for a sophisticated appearance, while its shorter profile balances out their features perfectly.

Thin Lampshade Mustache

One of the more underrated mustache styles in recent years, this edgy look is ideal for black men looking to make an impressionful statement. Numerous celebrities endorse it including The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers and Eddie Murphy.

The Lampshade Mustache is a short, close-cropped mustache style that rests just above your upper lip, similar to that seen with painter’s brush mustaches from yesteryear but with modern flair. Though not as thick or distinguishing as its counterparts such as the Chevron or Walrus styles, its look remains unique.

A curled mustache may take more time and effort to create, but the results can be worth your while if you’re up for an adventure! As it takes longer than traditional mustaches to grow out, make sure you use both a trimmer and thin comb when grooming this style of mustache.

To achieve this style, start off with a clean-shaven face and allow it to grow until it reaches approximately half an inch long before shaping with a trimmer to achieve your desired look.

Once you reach this stage, use a clipper to shave any excess hair from around the edges of your mustache and any stray strands. Also consider trimming any remaining unruly locks as well.

Donning a darker-hued mustache will add mystery and make you more mysterious.

Maintain a neat and short style to avoid upsetting the balance of your facial features. Growing out a mustache may seem intimidating at first, but persevere – it will take several weeks before reaching its ideal length!

This style is an upscale take on the horseshoe mustache, characterized by two long tendrils of hair rising down from your upper lip and hanging past your jawline. Additionally, this look works well when combined with a beard that has been carefully groomed along its chin and cheek areas.

This style is ideal for those who don’t wish to go overboard with their mustache style. This stache can either be very long or very thin depending on your desired look.

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