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Jun 29 / admin

What All the Replicants Are Wearing…

Recently re-watched “Bladerunner” (the better newer cut) and was really inspired by the men’s wardrobe (in addition to being inspired by every other little thing in director Ridley Scott’s rad vision of author Philip K. Dick’s rad vision of L.A. circa 2019). Much has been written about the punk/grunge/grim aesthetic of the film and many of its costumes, but these men are anything but—with their color, elegance, patterns, formality, and layers of affectation. Exciting from a vintage menswear perspective is this fashion for the future that pulls from the first half of the 20th century, all stamped by the 1980s when the film itself is being made. The women’s wardrobe is more imaginative still, but I’m sticking with the guys for now.

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