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Dec 19 / admin

does your Ugly Christmas Sweater have to be ugly?

vintage ugly Christmas sweater

reindeer plaid

vintage ugly Christmas sweater

London Fog details


Eddie Bauer details


Above is a gallery of winter-themed and/or Christmas-inspired sweaters from the recent shop that are not completely oblivious of the so-called Ugly Christmas Sweater craze. You know the sweaters: dizzying, Technicolor patterns; cartoon Christmas mice; beads, applique, embroidery—once worn in more-or-less festive earnest, and now worn in rare trans-generational irony by everyone from fun uncles and lacrosse moms to hipster millenials.

While this men’s shop doesn’t usually go in for what has lately become the annual UCS fad, we agree that there’s no ugly Christmas sweater like a vintage ugly Christmas sweater. But then again, does an ugly Christmas sweater have to be ugly?! I don’t really think the above ones are. And if there is a holiday license to go big in one’s fashion choices, I say use that power of self-expression for nice instead of naughty. Tis the season to go bright, go bold, and still be stylish: plus then you get to wear your favorite new old sweater way past Christmas morning.

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