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Apr 30 / admin

The Greek Fisherman’s Cap

John Lennon Hat









Greek Fisherman's Cap


Aegean hat











Greek Fisherman





























When I discovered one of these odd, somewhat fussy caps in a thrift shop, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I liked it. Was it part of a chauffer’s uniform? Wardrobe for a Janet Jackson video? I was attracted to its chic navy blue on black coloring, military styling, embellishments, the weight and warmth of the dark wool, its reminiscence of tweed newsboy caps. The hat was clearly labeled on its inside band as a “Greek Fisherman Cap Made in Greece.” A search for others like it on Etsy revealed how common it was, and how varied. Though my blue-black version or all-black seemed the most traditional, there were brown, gray, white, tan, and brighter blue versions. They came in leather, corduroy, and cotton as well as wool. They were vintage, newly manufactured, or modern pieces inspired by the original. Aegean–in the black and white advert above—is the most prominent of its historic manufacturers and is still in business today. Wiki claims the Greek Fisherman’s Cap is also popularly known as a “John Lennon Hat” because of his wearing one on the Beatles’ original American tour in 1964 (pictured top), followed by other musicians and before him, Bob Dylan. Though popular since the late 19th century, the cap certainly left its occupational roots behind and reached its fashion acme as a boho unisex accessory of the swinging 60s, although it has surged since at times and has popped up very recently on models and blogs like those below.

street style guy








street style gal















cap street style


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  1. Kathi G. / Apr 30 2013

    Who knew?? Interesting piece. And knowing absolutely nothing about pricing, I was surprised to see on the Aegean International site you linked to that the wool and cotton versions are only a little over $30, and even the leather is only $50. Stylish *and* affordable.

  2. Samantha M. / Feb 15 2014

    I just purchased a corduroy one at an antiques store for $10. I knew nothing about them but I thought it looked very cool with its neat embellishments and corduroy buttons. Though it’s a bit faded I am going to try and dye it back to its former glory. I may even try to stretch the band a little just to fit a little less snug. But I am glad I bought it in a little 2nd Chance antiques shop in Kansas of all places. :)

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