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Jul 2 / admin

Summer Scouting

vintage Boy Scout gear


vintage Boy Scout clothing








vintage Boy Scout gear




Though not strictly speaking ‘menswear,’ the summer camp kid in me cannot seem to resist the old scouting items I come across while vintage buying. In honor of Fourth of July’s outdoor festivities, my own upcoming annual Michigan Man camping trip, and summer nature excursions for scouts of all ages, I am including what looks to be the start of a new collection above. The attraction for me is in that warm shade of fatigue green, the strong and soft-worn canvas material, the humble usefulness of design, and those self-important stamps and seals on everything! Find me a sleeker camp mirror or a water bottle as lightweight and well-fitted to your hipĀ  for a better price at REI or any other high-minded outfitter. My favorite so far has to be the leather hat with crumpled canvas brim trimmed in army green. None of its markings indicate any connection to the Boy Scouts, but it seemed to belong with the other gear, just the sort of well made and beautifully weathered headgear the leader of the pack might wear.

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