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Jan 9 / admin

The (Style) Thing





The Thing Movie Style








The Thing Movie Style

For all those suffering through this week’s nationwide polar blast, maybe it won’t seem as weird as it is taking a 1980s cult horror film set in Antarctica as the blog’s latest style icon! Did you ever see John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” Granted: Kurt Russel technically wears only one complete outfit throughout the film’s action (which spans roughly a full day), but there’s plenty to like about winter wear in his and his crew’s (very) short-lived fashion statement–exploding bloody creature effects notwithstanding. Leather bomber with the upturned fur collar. Army green onesie anyone? Or the more usual layered shirts and puffy vest. Fur hooded parkas with ski goggles. Aviator sunglasses with leather side shields. Russel even owns the broad brimmed leather hat with strap. And the beard, oh the beard!

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