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Jun 4 / admin

Straw Poll

straw hats

Fred Astaire boater

straw hats

Gregory Peck hat

Ross Macdonald hat

The general resurgence of hats for men has carried over to the summer straw hat. Boater fascination from the new Gatsby movie aside, theĀ  renewed interest in straw hats centers on 40s-inspired shorter-brimmed fedoras (like the above one on Gregory Peck), with the occasional wider-brimmed Panama hat sighting. I’ve yet to spy any Vietnamese rice hats! Even value department store chains like Target and J.C.Penney are stocking a variety of straw reproductions, which certainly says this post is tracking the trend and not leading it. The quality vintage ones I’ve found like those below from the shop come from well-known historic hat makers like Lee, Adam, and usually Stetson. Straw hat style, like that of any bold accessory, appears to have more to do with who and how it’s being worn than with exactly what version, as evidenced above by Sean Connery’s nonchalant stance or Ross Macdonald’s straightforward gaze.


Stetson Lee






Eddie BauerAdam

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