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Nov 1 / admin

Sleepy Jones

Sleepy JonesJasper Tailored BoxerHenry Pajama ShirtJasper Tailored BoxerHenry Pajama ShirtSleepy Jones

…Some of my faves from new, New York-based Sleepy Jones’s online collection of men’s loungewear, check out the full collection for yourself here (as well as plenty for women). No, not Company Man’s usual vintage fare–but the art of dressing for bed (or dressing for not-quite-bed or dressing for dressing) certainly seems pretty vintage these days. Launched this year by Andy Spade, Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri, collaborators at Kate Spade and otherwise, Sleepy Jones is looking to change all that and to redefine sleepwear in the process. The site is fresh and inviting like new white sheets but shows folks decidedly out of bed while wearing their Sleepy Jones. Boxers, pajama tops and bottoms, T-shirts, and socks are all available; there are no robes at the moment on the men’s side but who knows when that might change. The Sleepy Jones ethos says that dressing for ideal comfort shouldn’t be limited to bedtime, and that neither should PJs when they just might provide the perfect uniform for the everyday creative life. The likes of Picasso and Plimpton got away with running around in public in their unmentionables, and why shouldn’t you? Well, I’ll let you know as soon as mine arrive!

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