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Feb 20 / admin

new crew

J.Crew Menswear





all images by J.Crew


Above are my favorite looks from J.Crew’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection, which just showed at New York Fashion Week. After hours focusing on vintage garments, it’s fun to think about the next fashion horizon. The same way that current fashion builds on the past, today’s most popular vintage depends on those trends. From the looks of many collections including the above from J.Crew, that’s going to involve plenty of shearling coats and other textural top coats, collared sweaters, and more elegant scarf wear, all of which I’ll keep stockpiling til then. I could go on about how these thoroughly modern looks have numerous reference points to classic menswear in order to beef up my vintage connection–and how in a larger way J.Crew has come to embody a menswear heritage–but screw it. I just really liked this collection. And it almost made bearable thinking about next winter while this one’s still so record-breakingly underway. See the full collection courtesy of Complex

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