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Apr 28 / admin

Greaver Gallery

60s woodcuts







I scored one of these 60s woodcuts by Harry Greaver on a vintage clothes shopping mission and went in search of more online. I found examples of his other work in print and watercolor as well as the work of his artist wife Hanne Greaver, but the above earlier woodcuts of his remain my favorites. As usual, I want them all. Both Harry and Hanne trained professionally in art schools, and the couple has been exhibiting out of their Cannon Beach gallery on the Oregon coast near Portland since 1978. Before that, Harry taught in the Department of Art at the University of Maine, Orono, from 1955 to 1966 and was Director of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in Michigan from 1966 to 1978. That may explain why I discovered his 1968 woodcut (now hanging at home below) in my nearby Michigan town–and might even mean its subject (and that of those above) is a Great Lakes-inspired local scene.




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  1. HARRY GREAVER / Oct 14 2014

    My son stumbled across your website, and I was surprised and pleased that I had a fan for my woodcuts in Michigan. You do not have what I think is the best woodcut I did in Michigan. It was WINTER SHORE done of Lake Michigan in 1966. I’m not trying to sell you one as I don’t have one for sale. The woodcut was done for the old Roten Gallery in Baltimore and sold across the country, I can send you an image of it if I have your address.

    Harry Greaver

    • admin / Oct 15 2014

      Yes, I’d be delighted to see your favorite if you’d be kind enough to send an image (to!
      Big thanks for writing in, I so enjoy seeing the original woodcut of yours that inspired me at home each day!

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