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Jan 4 / admin

Fifth Avenue Vintage

vintage clothing shops

Photos via Odd Twin

vintage clothing shops

I visited Brooklyn back before the holidays and was once again happy to see just how many vintage clothing shops line Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue. Satisfied and still surprised: there always seems to be one more shop I don’t remember seeing last time–ten now, a baker’s dozen? They stretch from Beacon’s Closet at the more established northeast end of Fifth–once the only vintage (or other) game, before there were legit shops on Fifth–to the newest, farthest reaches like Vice Versa at 15th, with plenty of gems in between like Odd Twin and Guvnor’s (both with plenty of menswear). These are all curated shops to differing degrees with equally sliding price scales, and (unfortunately, for the thrift purist) no Salvation Army-style warehouses in sight. My top two are faves for the exact opposite reasons: Odd Twin because it’s so thoughtfully curated and Vice Versa because it’s the largest/least composed/lowest priced, where you might actually get a find. Now that I’m getting around to the directory of them I’ve been meaning to compile, I find the phenomenon well documented enough across NYC mags, blogs, and yelp to inspire a lazy link instead. This NY Daily News article from 2011 may miss a spot or two (Vice Versa is too new for the list), but it makes a good start for the vintage enthusiast, who hopefully will at least be inspired to make a worthwhile trip from Manhattan.

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