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  1. Hope High / Jul 23 2013

    The striped shave coat, is it available?

    • admin / Jan 27 2014

      Alas, every one of these shave coats we put in the shop sells fast! We’ll keep an eye out for you though; I’m sure we’ll come across more sooner or later…

  2. Mark A. Lundell / Jan 19 2014

    I was looking for how to fold pocket squares i seen a picture of all the kinds of fold you could do i was wondering if you have a page on how to fold the 72 pictured folds on you page that what i would like to know how to do thanks for the page to look at but you need to show how to fold the pocket
    square when you click on that fold .


    Mark A. Lundelll

    • admin / Jan 27 2014

      Sorry, Mark, but we’ve been making do with the four linked in the blog post, plus those we make up along the way!

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