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Jan 29 / admin

Buddy Style

button up

shawl sweater


Buddy Holly Style

fur collar




Buddy Holly Style

Monday, February 3rd will mark the anniversary of Buddy Holly’s death—“the day the music died”–although here we’re remembering him for his style rather than his rock and roll pioneering. Like Holly’s music, his fashion influence far outweighs his 22 years. But Buddy’s style was more than a pair of glasses. His image is among the first that come to mind when describing today’s so-called nerd boyfriend look: literally and figuratively ‘clean cut,’ even conservative clothes, often worn with a casual attitude or context that undercuts what seems especially today like a grandfatherly sensibility. The electric guitar over a shawl neck sweater. The fur collar coat in the photo booth. Style is always not just about clothes but about context. My favorite is the wedding photo with skinny striped tie and tinted lenses. Of a number of elements in the above photos that might be considered classics (that perhaps will never completely go out of style), it’s interesting how many are very current trends, which were not as popular in the 70s, 80s or 90s…the collared sweaters and fur trimmed coat again, the chunky glasses. Are the 50s back? Even the contrasting suit separates with short lapel, striped jackets are looking good.

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