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Dec 6 / admin

Brooks Bros Remix

vintage Brooks Brothers

(BB shirt & blazer)

(BB bow tie)





















vintage Brooks Brothers

(BB suit jacket & tie)













Profiling Brooks Brothers’ new Michigan Flatiron Shop (October 2013) got me thinking about all the good vintage Brooks pieces that have already sold or are currently listed in the shop. The above and below sampling may not be the museu- quality Brooks Brothers stuff of presidential wardrobes or Hollywood costume departments, but the pieces still showcase a style that was once-upon-a-time not so ‘classic,’ and much can be learned from them. Anyone can learn from its Wiki page that although Brooks Brothers is renowned for traditional menswear, the company is responsible for many innovations within the clothing industry. Even these everyday vintage pieces attest to those advances…



1896: intro’d button-down collars on dress shirts,
as seen on English polo players of the day


1895: intro’d Ivy League sack suit
(undarted BB jacket, soft shoulder)













1920: Madras from India, a lightweight plaid cotton fabric


1930s: lightweight summer suit,
starting with seersucker


Though less obvious in photos, Brooks Brothers also introduced wash-and-wear shirts in 1953, an innovation that quickly made its way to the above mid-century wash-and-wear summer jackets. In fact, the entire concept of ready-to-wear taken for granted today was pioneered by the company in 1859, not to mention the less revolutionary though more endearing pink dress shirts, Shetland sweaters and argyle socks of the early 20th century.


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